You will quickly notice that the NUMBERED tabs (1-6) at the top of the page are PASSWORD PROTECTED.  This is because I want you to follow those 6 steps, IN ORDER, to ensure you are focused and have a simple, straightforward plan to rocket your business to the top.

As you finish each step, I’ll unlock the next!  If you make it through just those 6 steps, your business will be rocking and you’ll be building an awesome future.

The sections marked with ** are NOT password protected.  They are NOT the critical steps I want you to follow, but they are information that you may need at any time.  Don’t try to learn it all, but refer to the sections as you need them.  For instance, if you want tips on how to invite people to join you in a challenge group, read the “** How to Invite” tab.  If you want to know how to use Shakeology Samples effectively, read the “** How to use Shakeology Samples” tab.

The key, like I already said, is to progress through the #1-6 strategies.  Use the ** information to answer specific questions and learn extra tips as you seek to implement Steps 1-6.