The easiest, most natural way to bring people on board with you (whether it’s to reach your first goal of getting your products paid for or to reach Success Club or to build a challenge group) is to INVITE!

Inviting is natural.  It’s surprisingly easy for any conversation to turn to health and fitness.  We are always talking about how we feel, how we slept, what we are eating, etc. etc.  All of those topics are direct avenues to talk about your own health and fitness =

“I feel great today cuz I’ve been exercising and it’s giving me so much more energy.”

“I brought my lunch today.  It’s this amazing new Shake I’ve been using everyday and it’s helped me lose weight and feel great doing it.”

(You get the idea)

The key thing, though, is to pay attention to the person you are talking with.  If you are only thinking of yourself and your agenda (“I want to sell this person Shakeology and P9oX”) you won’t identify that person’s needs and wants.  If, however, you are listening to them, you will pick up on many things that you can help them SOLVE — maybe they are tired, worn out, embarrassed about their appearance, having medical problems, etc.  If your solution helps them with the problems they’ve just talked to you about, they will be much more interested in hearing what you have to offer.

Inviting without first building the relationship is usually not successful.  A handy way to think about how to build a relationship is the acronym F.O.R.M.  (family, occupation, recreation, message).  Beachbody has a nice PDF that describes the FORM process and gives you some excellent scripts about how to Invite someone and how to dialogue about their objections (if they have any).  Download this and read it for some really good ideas =

How to Invite! Guide and examples

When inviting, you should always seek to understand WHY they want to join you (if they want to join you).  This is their “Why”.  What is their motivation?  Is it to look good for summer?   Get off meds?  Be able to do more with their kids?  By understanding what makes them tick, you will be able to remind them of their purpose and reasons to push through when they start to lose motivation.

There are lots of “METHODS” for Inviting =

  • Giving out Shakeology samples
  • Holding Fit Clubs
  • Hosting Home Parties
  • Using Social Media like Facebook
  • Wearing and Sharing (wear branded clothing like P90X and let it facilitate conversation starting)
  • Etc.

But ultimately, the key isn’t HOW you Invite, but simply that you Invite!  Make sure you Invite people to join you every day.