Like fit clubs, home parties are an activity that I have NOT personally used to build my business.  Many others have though, with great success.  You have to get exposure, and you have to invite people to join you.  Home parties are one very obvious way to do that.  If you live in the type of community or have the types of friends that enjoy home parties, this could be a big winner for you.  And there is some good training by Beachbody about the specific “How To” on throwing a productive Home party.

2 types of Home parties are the “Opportunity meeting” and the “Shake and Share” meeting.  The Opportunity meeting is designed primarily to recruit and enroll people into a Beachbody Challenge group and potentially as a coach.  The Shake and Share meeting is designed more as a “Grand Opening” for a new coach to tell others about Beachbody products, programs, supplements, and present the coaching opportunity.  Both of the following PDF’s have scripts and ideas that you will find very useful if you are going to host a home party =

Opportunity meeting (Invite to Challenge):

How to Hold a Coach Opportunity Meeting

Shake and Share (“Grand Opening”):

How to Hold a Beachbody Shake _ Share