All of these important documents can be found in your back office on These are just some you will probably use the most.

Banners and Custom Logos

Head to your back office and click on the top menu: SALES & MARKETING > MARKETING TOOLS or LOGOS (No Links, just graphics)

These banners will have your Coach ID# already embedded in the graphic linking to the TBB Shop and the product that is advertised.

Commissions Reports

Every Thursday morning you will want to check your commission summary to see what you earned the previous week (the week starts and stops at 12am every Thursday)


There are many excellent product, retailing, and recruiting videos in this section, and you can get the embed code to paste into your own website, link it to your FB, or link it in an email.  Go here when you want a video about just about anything!

Coach Policies and Procedures

These are the official legal rules, policies, and procedures for being a Team Beachbody Coach. Please reference as needed and remember that you can always call Coach Relations with any questions!

Coach Policies, Procedures, and Compesnation Plan