I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — DON’T FOCUS ON RANK!  Rank may impress others, but it doesn’t mean you are earning more.  And in fact, if you focus on rank at the expense of growing your customer base, you will most likely earn LESS!  I cover that in my 6 step process.

Is it good to be EMERALD?  Yes, absolutely!  Should every coach try to become emerald?  YES!  It entitles you to customer leads and opens up bonus opportunities that you don’t get as just a coach.  And as you’ll see below, becoming emerald doesn’t take too much work — as soon as you have two people who want to sign up as coaches (maybe a friend and a spouse) — you are there!

So while everyone should shoot for emerald rank as soon as possible, reaching further ranks like Diamond and Star Diamond should not be a primary focus.  You becoming Diamond helps ME (your sponsor) more than it helps you.  I want you to become EMERALD ASAP so you can take part in the Emerald incentives, but beyond that you should focus on your volume and Success Club, and let the other ranks happen as a byproduct of sticking to the 6 step plan.

Let me explain how each rank is determined and the benefits of each rank.

Emerald = Requirements:

-You have to be active with at least 50 PV, coming either from yourself OR from customers.  50 PV is roughly $50 worth of stuff at the coach price.  Shakeology is worth 90 PV.

-1 active personally sponsored (PS) coach on each leg.

Emerald = Benefits:

– You get cycle bonuses (you will bonus at $14 every time the team volume on one leg is 100 points and the other leg is 200 points)

– You can participate in the Customer Lead Program (details on that below)

Ruby = Requirements:

– You have to be active with 75 PV, of which at least 25 has to come from customers

– 1 PS Emerald coach on each leg PLUS 1 active PS coach on each leg

Ruby = Benefits:

– Increased cycle bonus amount ($16 per cycle)

Diamond = Requirements:

– You have to be active with 100 PV, of which at least 50 has to come from customers

– 1 PS Emerald coach on each leg PLUS 3 active PS coaches on each leg

Diamond = Benefits:

– Increased cycle bonus amount ($18 per cycle)


At each of the above ranks, there is also an increasing cycle bonus cap ($250 per week as Emerald, $1000 per week as Ruby, $2000 per week as diamond, and so on).  If your cycle bonuses have you bumped up against your cap, you want to get the rank up in order to take full advantage of your cycles.  Until then, it’s not critical.

Customer Lead Program:

At Emerald status you can participate in the Customer Lead Program.  To be eligible for the customer lead program (in which BB assigns you customers), you have to meet the following requirements:

– Emerald rank

– You have to be a Club Member

– You have to work out in WOWY at least 8 x every 30 days

– You have to have your TBB profile completed with a profile pic and at least a before pic

If you aren’t Emerald yet, there’s no big benefit to being a Club Member, but once you are Emerald, you MUST become a Club Member to get the customer leads.  The amount of customers you will get each week varies, but is usually between 2 and 4.  It costs $38 for a 3 month membership in the Club, but you’ll get enough customers over that time from BB through customer leads that it is well worth it to participate in the Lead Program.   I definitely recommend it.