Fit clubs are one of the many great avenues to get a group of people together and really bond, connect, motivate each other, and INVITE others!  I’ll tell you right off — I’ve NEVER run a fit club.  I don’t have time to run one.  It’s not an essential of a successful BB business.  But if it’s something you find exciting, and have a good venue and schedule to accommodate it, go for it!

Not only is a Fit Club a great opportunity for you to get exposure for yourself — it also gives a great opportunity to your other local coaches and customers to invite their friends, and thus grow your overall reach into the community.  You’ll want to think through several things to ensure that you are maximizing your fit club experience.  Consider what workout will best suit your audience.  Consider what items you will have on hand.  What samples will you give out?

Beachbody has an excellent resource of tips on how to put on a Fit Club, so download this and read it.

How to Hold a Fit Club Workout Lesson