Duplication is one of the hardest things in Beachbody coaching.

How do you reach more people, help more people, and grow more wealth???  — You need to have more YOU’s running around out there!  Right?!  So the key is to inspire / encourage / motivate / lead others to step up and do what you are doing.

I’ve sponsored hundreds of coaches who have done absolutely nothing.  They get their products at a discount, but that’s it.  They haven’t moved to do anything to grow their business.  If I could help them see the value and opportunity in front of them, and get them to do what I’m doing, my opportunity to reach and help people would EXPLODE!  The same is true of you.

If you have three people who decide they want to be coaches, but only for the discount, they will contribute 270 volume points total to you each month (most likely, assuming they use Shakeology).  And they won’t be helping anyone else get healthy and fit.  That 270 volume points isn’t even enough for one cycle bonus.

Now, imagine if you could duplicate those 3 coaches to be like you, and they go out and invite just 3 people to join them.  That is now 3 + 9 = 12 people using Shakeology, getting healthy, and getting fit.  That’s also 1,080 volume points to you each month — enough to cycle more than three times.  Go a little further, and imagine those 9 new people also go out and invite 3 people each.  You are at 27 +12 = 39 people, 3,510 volume points, and a LOT of cycle bonuses!  That’s only from 3 levels of duplication.  You see how fast it starts to multiply.  And that only assumes they get their products paid for (Step 2) and stop growing their business.  Imagine if you get a few people going further in the process and building far bigger teams.  It gets ENORMOUS!

So clearly, we need to have a way to duplicate ourselves — we need a SIMPLE, STRATEGIC SYSTEM to plug people into that will guide them to their goals.  That’s exactly what I hope this TRCoaches.com website is for you … and the coaches you sponsor!

We are all on the same team, and I want you to invite your sponsored coaches to plug into this system, starting at the Welcome message just like you did, and moving through the steps to success.  Please guide them just like I am guiding you — only give them the passwords to the steps as they complete the preceding step.  Or if they are progressing beyond you, then put them in touch with me so I can help them continue on.

When your sponsored coaches succeed, YOU succeed!  When your downline inspires people to get healthy and fit, your reach and influence goes far beyond anything you could do on your own.  When your downline grows their own wealth, YOU grow more wealth.  It’s the RIPPLE EFFECT.  Let’s make it a WIN/WIN for all of us and ROCK THIS PLACE!