Working your Biz

Today’s lesson will be more focused on coaches that want to build a business and help others. If you are a discount coach, feel free to follow along and see some of the activities that go into running a coaching business.

What we do each day matters. Our success is a giant sum of our daily actions. We want to do things consistently and well. You don’t have to do 100 things every day but you will want to do a handful of things every day.


What we want to start working through today is our Quick Start Business Plan!

You may not finish it today, but that’s okay. You have already done a lot of work needed to complete today’s training.

This plan links to a lot of Beachbody’s amazing coach tools. It will show you how to identify people you know already that could use help from a coach. It will also connect you to more training. Again, don’t get overwhelmed LOL you don’t have to finish this today.

But take 15 minutes with this form and see what you can do!

Get the Quick Start Form (Save a copy to your computer too!)