Coach Online Office and How to Earn $$$

Today we are going to look at Navigating the Coach Online Office and how to Earn a Commission with Team Beachbody!

Navigating the Coach Online Office

When a new coach signs up and is given access to their Coach Online Office, it can be pretty overwhelming.  Heck, there are parts of it even I don’t know very well and I’ve been doing this for over 4 years! LOL!

Today we are going to watch a video showing us how to effectively navigate the Coach Online Office and find the things we need.  Watch this first video:

I want everyone to look through the tabs in your C.O.O. today.  If you haven’t set up EFT (electronic funds transfer) do that NOW (it’s in the “My Business” tab).  It is silly to have Beachbody cut you a paper check for your commissions — that’s SLOWER and they keep $2.50 for a processing fee.  SET UP EFT!!

Read the weekly coach forecast, what’s hot this week, and other BREAKING NEWS located on the right of the C.O.O. homescreen.  It’s the place to learn what’s new and what’s happening in our coaching world each week.

Also, I want you to get familiar with where you will find the things to keep an eye on every week (volume, success club, commissions, customers, and orders).

Earning $$$ with TBB

As we continue this Quick Start, are you wondering, OK  – so how do I actually earn money right now?  One of the first goals many new Coaches is to earn enough income to at least cover your own Shakeology.  That’s the FIRST STEP I emphasize in my training.  I want everyone to get their products paid for.

*** To be eligible to earn, you do need to be an active Coach. All that means is that you need 50PV (personal volume) or more every 5 week period. PV is the volume from personal orders and customer orders. 1 PV roughly equals $1 at Coach cost. Most Coaches maintain active status from the 90PV they earn with their personal Shakeology orders (Roughly $90 for a Coach price = 90PV). Bottomline, if you are using Shakeo on HD, you are all set to be active!

Watch this short video on How to Earn $$ Now (direct link = )

  • Have questions?  David and I are just an email or FB message away … go ahead and ask!